House-y Adventures, Part 3

No progress yesterday on the building, but things inside are moving right along. Essentially, we have to move everything out of the living room and kitchen and into the back of the house so when they take the roof off, all my stuff isn’t exposed to the elements.

I had to pack up my books and all my junk from my bookcases and now my house looks all naked, like we’re moving out. We even took down all the pictures and art on the walls, which are peppered with tiny nails. It looks very forlorn in here.

Today we are tackling the kitchen, which has storage issues, despite its size. My cabinets are… well let’s just say the kitchen is a piece of shit. It looks nice but was VERY cheaply done, and I hate every inch of it. I think the previous owners just went “ooh shiny!” and didn’t stop to think about how the cabinets would actually be used, so there are too many cupboards, not enough drawers, and although there are acres of counter space, little of it is actually in a useful place. Ugh.

ANYWAY, tomorrow the builders are putting in concrete blocks out in the foundation hole. I have no idea what happens after that.

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