Things I haven’t been doing

1. Working out. Not technically, anyway. I suppose painting my mom’s living room a grand total of four times counts as a workout, but I need to do more. I almost miss running. Since I am stuck here for the foreseeable future, I am looking into renting a bike and taking advantage of the hike/bike trail in town. In three weeks I might be allowed to run again as well.

2. Seeing people. I’ve been busy with the house projects I am forcing my mom to let me do, so by the time evening rolls around I am exhausted. Plus, most people have real jobs and can’t go out on Tuesday nights. 🙂 This weekend will help, since I am getting out and about for a bit.

3. Eating right. The food here… whoa. Now, I could easily plan a menu and go to the store but the issue of storage is a tricky one. Mom’s fridge is a piece of shit on a good day, and it’s stuffed to capacity with God knows what. She refuses to clean it out because she is holding out for a new one but in the meantime, ew. I’m not the most conscientious housekeeper, but this is grossing me out and I might have to take it upon myself to make some room in there. Ewwww ew ew ew ew ew.

4. Eating right even when out. There are no diners here, which is sucky. I must be getting close to becoming a true Jersey Girl, because I really really miss my diner. 😛

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