We’re home!

HOME! Staying!

The inconvenience factor is still rather high, and we are compounding that by having the dog home with us, but there is MUCH to be said for sleeping in one’s own bed, however dusty and smelly it might be.

The floor is done and it looks great. I’m sure that over time the color variations between the sections will even out, but compared to what it was, it’s amazing now. That was the last really big messy thing to get done. Outside of the entryway tile and the upstairs carpet, it’s all relatively small projects from here on out.

Today’s plans include a trip to the gym, then a detour to Babies R Us for a baby gate. We gave ours away last year but we’ll need one for a little while so Piper doesn’t try to eat the builders and/or escape. We also need a series of plastic storage bins which will help me wrest some kind of temporary order from this chaotic mess I’m facing. I’m not even close to being what one would call a conscientious housekeeper, but we are dealing with a level of filth that makes that first bathroom scene in Trainspotting look like surgery prep.

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