I’m a winner!

I’ll be the first to admit that I have odd hobbies. I like to peel the dead skin from my feet, for example.

I’m also approximately 8 years old in my head, so I have a thing about scratch-off lottery tickets. I love them. LOVE THEM. So I have a thing that I do – whenever I find money on the ground (this happens a lot, actually), if it’s less than $20, I buy instant lottery tickets with it. Whatever I win, I buy more tickets. Sometimes I only win a couple of dollars, but no matter how much I win, I only buy the $1 and $2 tickets because MORE FUN!!!

So the other day, I was down to my last $4 of winnings (got a whole batch with no winners, what a bummer). I bought 2 tickets for $2 each and won $8. Put those back in and got the same kind of tickets and won $39. OF COURSE it all went back in. $19 that time.

Today out of the $19 worth of tickets, I have already won $21. Woo!

I’m weird. This should not be news. Plus, Jillian LOVES to help.

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