’tis the season do to scary things

One of my major goals/resolutions for this year was to “do scary things.” Things that scare me. For the most part, that’s been going pretty well. I’ve been able to travel on my own, I’ve confronted people when they act shitty to me knowing full well that I will be “dead to them” because they know that I’m right about not deserving to be treated badly. I’ve been to the gym like, 100 times this year, which is probably 90 more times than the previous year. That’s a plus.

So, there are good things happening.

But November is approaching, and with it, NaNoWriMo. I haven’t yet signed up “officially” like on the site and everything BECAUSE I AM SCARED. Because I have that voice in the back (and the front and on both sides) of my head saying “YOU ARE A CRAP WRITER.” I’m thinking this is probably the BEST reason to do it, though.

So… I think I will. A thousand words a day, oh dear. I know I will probably have to double up on some days due to Thanksgiving and whatnot, but I think I can crank out 31,000 shitty words over the course of a month. And who knows, maybe it will give me enough of a kickstart that I can keep doing it. I hope so.

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