All of this just seems so stupid

I’ve been wanting to do an experiment for a couple of weeks now. I want to unplug a bit and get off Facebook and my boards and Twitter and the myriad other things online with which I waste my time. But I’ve been putting off a start date because I don’t want to miss anything or whatever it is that keeps me coming back online. And thank god, because I got a Facebook message today that let me know that one of my oldest friends passed away yesterday. I’m in shock, I’m in tears, and most of all, my heart feels broken. Geoff and I weren’t close in recent years, mostly because we’re both in our own orbits and we live on opposite coasts, but he is the kind of friend that you can go years without seeing but as soon as you start talking, you not only pick up where you left off, you don’t even need to start a new sentence. Just knowing that he was in the world, making people laugh was enough.
And now he’s gone. I am finding it hard to talk about him in the past tense, because Geoff was very much PRESENT TENSE. Everything he did was big and hilarious and so very unique. With a word, a phrase, a look – he could let you know that he got it.
I will miss him. I have missed him. I wish I were a better friend, better at staying in touch and telling the people who matter that they matter.

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