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This blog is a metaphor for my life. It needs a serious upgrade but I don’t have the desire to do it (or the knowledge, let’s be honest), and it needs some direction. I can’t think of anything more boring than writing about my life. These days, that’s a good thing, because the more exciting my life is, the more shit is going wrong. So boring is good – it means everything is ticking over the way it should, and while it’s not too boring to live it, it sure as hell is boring to write about. And I can’t even imagine reading about it.

I have considered shutting the whole thing down. My web hosting bill is due in May, and while it’s pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things, I’m not sure I should pay for something I’m not using. I might go back to a free service (and back to being anonymous, which might break some of the barriers I’m facing). Who knows. I’ll have a think about it and see.

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