…and I feel fine

REM announced that they are breaking up, for real this time.

It’s not happy news, since REM is one of my favorite bands of all time and definitely one of the best bands to see live. But better for them to hang it up now than shuffle ’round the world over and over again playing Greatest Hits shows because nobody gives even the tiniest shit about their new stuff. Plenty of bands do that, and it is sad.

Over on the Facebook, people were posting links to their favorite REM songs and that got me thinking. I have a terrible time deciding on a favorite anything, because tastes change, and there are songs that I like because they remind me of certain thingspeopleplaces and there are songs that I like because they are That Good.

So I made a list. I could have done what others have done and made a Spotify playlist, but that sounds exhausting.

My Favorite REM Songs:

1. Nightswimming
2. Walk Unafraid
3. Fall On Me
4. So Fast So Numb
5. Belong
6. Radio Free Europe
7. Pop Song 89
8. Gardening At Night
9. Leaving New York
10. The Great Beyond
11. World Leader Pretend
12. Cuyahoga
13. Radio Song
14. The Lifting
15. Bittersweet Me
16. All The Way To Reno
17. Leave
18. These Days
19. Begin The Begin
20. Talk About The Passion
21. Try Not To Breathe
22. Fireplace
23. At My Most Beautiful
24. Sitting Still
25. Hairshirt
26. Ages Of You
27. Green Grow The Rushes

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