Everywhere, all the time

Weekends, man. They ain’t what they used to be. Time was, we’d get off work (sneaking out early) on Friday, close down the damn bar, get up on Saturday to have brunch at the diner and then head back to the bar. Sundays were strictly for hangovers and laundry and the occasional grocery run.

Then we went and had a kid, and it busted our whole routine. I can’t remember the last time I was at a bar for last call. Oh wait – London 2009, we closed down the pub and stayed for a good three hours afterwards, shooting the shit with the owner. But that was vacation, and thus does not count. I still have almost zero recollection of how we got back to our hotel that night.

Anyway, weekends are precious gems these days, moreso now that Jillian has started school. We try to do Shabbat on Friday night, with candles and challah and whatnot, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. We’ll have to start going to services every now and again, though. It’s required for Hebrew school.

Saturdays are for errand running and lawn mowing (and grass clipping dropping offing), mostly. Sundays are now a shitshow of Hebrew school and whatever didn’t get done on Saturday. No rest, bitches!

Today, especially. We got up later than I’d hoped and so instead of having Jillian go to the early session of Hebrew school, she went to the regular time but only for an hour. I dropped her off, hit up the bookstore for coffee, and planned to get a bagel but the line was too long and I was running late already. Picked up the kid, and had to drive around the whole damn universe to get home because the town was closed for the parade. We pulled into the driveway, I dashed inside to grab a piece of bread to feed the child for lunch (mother of the year, is what I am) and we headed over to the train station to meet up with the rest of the Daisy troop for parade line-up.

Then we waited. And waited. And waaaaaaaited. Finally, almost two hours after we got there, we stepped off and paraded our way through town. Luckily, the parade ended on our side of town, so we said our goodbyes and Jillian and I dragged ourselves home. I had planned to do the grocery shopping AND the laundry today but those things will have to wait until tomorrow. I’m going to take a nap.

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