So… fall. Is today the first day of Fall? I always forget or else it changes and I just can’t keep track of that sort of thing. Therefore, I declare today to be the first day of fall, mostly because it’s cold and grey outside.

It’s pleasantly chilly in the house, too. I love summertime and hot weather, but for some reason our house heats up like a sweat lodge in the summer unless the air-conditioning is running 24/7. I hate that, mostly because I hate feeling like I need to wear socks in July and also because I can almost feel the electric meter whizzing away, costing me money that I could be spending on other things, like books.

I’m not opposed to fall, though. I like the feeling of drawing in, getting snuggly on the couch with Jillian and the dog and the cat (who chews on my hair, but whatever). I like apples and pumpkin spice and making soup and new TV shows (addicted) and football. My favorite thing about early fall is the evening where it’s dark enough that all the lights go on over stores and stuff but the sky is still sort of light and everything looks extra-bright in the gloaming. It reminds me of being on the football field with the lights up.

And layering! In summer, you can only get so naked before you’re unable to legally leave the house. In the fall, you can start with jeans and a t-shirt then add a sweater or a shawl or a jacket and be as chilly or as toasty as you like. Also, pockets! I never seem to be able to carry a purse without it becoming a huge irritation, but jackets have pockets, and that’s how I like to roll.

Fall is apparently the more expensive of the seasons, with back-to-school events that ALL cost money. PTO dues, the mums sale, girl scout fundraising, more PTO donations, more fundraisers, whoa. Then there’s school pictures, new school clothes, backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes… and that’s just me!

Just kidding. We did go to Staples the other day because Freddie was looking for a ruler or something. I try to avoid going in there because it’s like an alcoholic walking into a brewery for me.

It’s Fall now. Time for pumpkin bread and hot apple cider and things with cinnamon. Yay!

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