Homeowner Questions

I love owning a house. I really do. I have the freedom to paint walls whatever color I like (although it’s probably easier to get a landlord’s OK than it is to get Freddie to OK a color, haha), I have a yard and best of all, I do not share walls with anyone else. I don’t have to listen to the people living above or below or either side. It’s nice.

However, it causes me to ask questions that I might not otherwise ever ask.

1. Basement, why you gotta flood when it’s NOT EVEN RAINING? It’s barely even humid out there, what’s with the flooding?

2. Just what are those weird red mushrooms growing in the front garden?

3. Does anyone have a bug book? I’d like to know what this thing is.

4. The “filter” light on the dehumidifier is on, but does anyone know where the filter is actually located? I’ve opened every hatch on this damn thing and I can’t find anything that looks filter-ish.

…and those are just from today (except for the fact that it is currently raining and there are puddles on the basement floor. But it floods for no reason so…).

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