School Daze

Two and a half days of school are in the books. The first day was deemed “boring,” the second day was “much more funner,” and today was “super fun!”

That whooshing sound you might be hearing is my gigantic sigh of relief. I have been stressing about this milestone for a good two weeks now, mostly because My Special Snowflake is starting her journey in a much different world than the one I grew up in. She’s on a path that I can only follow so far, and all those things I haven’t had to worry about yet are closer on the horizon than they were a week ago. Will she like school? Will she make friends? Will she get the attention she needs when she needs it? Will the school tell me if she’s struggling? So many questions, starting with “What door do we go in?”

So far, so good. Based on what we learned in orientation (way back in May), the half-day is just jam-packed. I worry that it’s almost *too* packed and that in order to hit whatever benchmarks they need to hit, they’re throwing too much at the kids. I worry that I won’t be able to find videos of The Letter People on YouTube (I haven’t looked yet) to show Jillian the utter insanity that was kindergarten in the 80s.

But it’s all fine. The pendulum has swung from “I don’t think we’re doing enough this summer” to “oh, wow, we have SO MUCH STUFF going on.” School, Daisy Troop, Hebrew School, swimming lessons, and piano (later this year when we, you know, acquire a piano). In order to really keep up with the suburbs, we should probably add Thai cooking, Japanese lessons, ballet, and watercolor.


Anyway, school is finally happening. After I dropped her off today, I went out to pick up her Daisy uniform stuff and it felt weird to be in the car without my sidekick, chattering away behind me, or singing along to Editors songs and demanding Kings of Leon. There was that moment of total freakout “WHERE IS THE KID” followed by “ohhhhh. Right.”

2024 is going to be here before I know it.

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