Color me shocked

I love Freecycle. I have given away some of the most amazing things on there – things that I couldn’t even persuade the trash workers to take. I once gave away 40 half-filled cans of paint that had been in my storage shed for an unknown amount of time (it came with the previous house). I didn’t know if the paint was in any way useful, yet someone took it off my hands. I’m pretty sure that lady is a straight-up hoarder, though.

I seem to have run into a problem, however. I have a 19-inch TV that I am trying to get rid of, and nobody on Freecycle seems to want it. This is amazing to me! I was expecting the responses to come thick and fast with “I can come get it now” and I was expecting fistfights over a WORKING TELEVISION. No dice. One guy did express interest, but it turns out the TV is too big for the space he wanted to put it in. Beyond that… tumbleweeds.

Flabbergasted, I am. I mean, I have given away broken glass and rusty tomato cages on Freecycle, and to not be able to give away a functioning TV is blowing my mind.

Could it be possible that people realize the TV is haunted? You see, we got this TV when Freddie’s Nana passed away in 1997, and for quite awhile, we were convinced that Nana lived in the TV. We had it in our bedroom for the longest time, and it wouldn’t turn off all the way all the time. The picture would go away, but the screen wouldn’t turn off. After jokingly suggesting that Nana was in the TV, Freddie said “good night, Nana” and the TV finally turned off.

True story.

Maybe nobody wants this TV because Freddie’s Nana is putting it out there that she doesn’t want to leave us. Who knows? All I know is that I have an extra TV that I don’t need and am willing to part with FOR FREE and I can’t seem to do that.

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