A list!

1. I was up and out the door at 6-ish this morning. Yes, on a Saturday. Yes, I went to the gym. Yes, this is very very unusual. No, I do not have an explanation.

2. I have a Big Goal in mind, but I’m not telling what it is. It’s still in the “oh, haha that’s ridiculous” stage but it’s a goal that I am serious about and that I plan to achieve before I turn 40, which is only 3 and a half years away OH MY GOD.

3. The last few months have been amazing with regards to my attitude about life, the universe, and everything. I finally decided to CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY, and that has made all the difference. It’s hard work sometimes but damn, the benefits are astounding. I am a happy lady. I am bulletproof.

4. I wear workout clothes all the time and today I got a good incentive to keep doing that. I’m not generally a big fan of mirrors (we don’t have any in the house outside of the bathrooms) but I got a look at myself in the mirror at the gym and my ass looks AMAZING in my workout pants, thank you very much. I still have some trouble spots (belly and batwings) but those will resolve in time. I am working hard, working smart, and getting shit done because HELL YEAH.

5. I’ve stopped blaming anyone and anything other than me for my body. I used to blame Freddie, because when he’s training for a triathlon everything in my life gets pushed aside, but he’s not training now so I’m no longer waiting around to see what his plan is for the day. I get up and do my shit and he can either join me or get out of my way. That has been a HUGE stumbling block for me, but I’m getting over it and everyone else in the family should, too.

6. I have to start running again. I’m really afraid to do it, because every time I’ve started running in the past three years, I have ended up injured, even while working with a doctor and a coach. I don’t believe that I’m not meant to run, because I USED TO RUN EVERY DAY. I think that I’m just too big for my feet at the moment.

That’s what’s in the brain this morning. I’m doing the best I can to make every day a HELL YEAH kind of day.

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  1. BAnjeeB

    Hell yeah my friend! Sending well wishes and much love on this journey.