It’s not U2, it’s me.

The Boy Behind the U2 cover art

I saw this pop up on Yahoo news this morning and thought it was fitting for my state of mind. You see, I have broken up with my once-favorite band, and it’s a weird feeling for me. Some might laugh, but where others turn to God, I turn to music. And for the longest time, it was U2. It was always U2.

I especially love this song, since it came out in a time of great upheaval in my life and it was something to cling to when there wasn’t much else.

We had to break up, though, because I fell in love with someone else.

I found this band when I was pregnant. I had a fairly decent job that let me listen to music, and that was back in the days when my satellite radio would let me listen online for free, and that’s when I found Editors.

And now, well. Things are a little bit obsessive, you see.

I think it’s a matter of access, really. U2 is this big behemoth of a thing and Editors… well, Tom Smith once sweated on me from the stage, and it’s pretty safe to say that I will probably never be within 50 feet of Bono, ever. Point to Editors. Add to that the fact that Editors released a boxed set early this year and a certain handful of faithful fans got their names immortalized in the liner notes AND a smaller percentage of that group got hand-written lyrics of their choice from Tom. Advantage: Editors.

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