Shocking (Updated!)

Given my history as a Professional Clumsy Person, it stands to reason that I have a vast array of Ace bandages, wrist braces, and ankle wraps. Surprisingly enough, I do not have anything at all for my knees. Sure, the bandage collection is called into service when ice is needed, but as far as having some kind of knee brace for running or working out goes… nope.

This is amazing to me, because I have had trouble with my knees FOREVER. I am a little concerned about the left knee after last week’s test run. It’s been sensitive since then and I know I’ve been babying it on stairs and stuff. I guess I’ll run again on Friday and see how it feels.

I suppose I could make Fridays “run days” until the beginning of the year when I start in earnest. I’m sure normal people would cross-train in the winter and start a running program in the spring when the weather is better but I am not normal people. I refuse to let the weather be an excuse!

So, on top of having to go look for some kind of knee bracing apparatus, I will probably have to re-think my cold weather gear and figure that out as well. I’m mostly concerned about my fingers and toes, because of my history of frostbite (thanks, marching band!), but with the right socks and gloves I should be all right there.

Right now, we hit the elliptical and weights. Soon, we swim. Then, we run. Then we start biking. Scary.


So I went to the gym and got on the elliptical and my knee feels weird. Not hurty, but loose, I guess. It feels like things are moving around in there that shouldn’t be, but I don’t have any pain or anything. I am going to attempt squats (sexy word, that) to see if putting a whole bunch of weight on it is a problem, and then I guess I’ll just wrap it up for a bit and ice it later.

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