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Speaking of Hell Yeah, yesterday we went to the new Adult Day Care Center with Leadership Somerset to plant the garden. That was great fun, with lots of people helping out and working together to make something that is going to be really nice when it’s done and blooming.

I was still in workout gear, because I figured I was already gross and dirty, so might as well add to that. WELL. Who’s got two thumbs and workout pants that are too big? THIS GIRL. As annoying as it is to have to constantly be hitching up my pants, it’s awesome that THEY ARE TOO BIG.

After the garden, we headed out to Freehold to the brewing store because I needed a new carboy (one of my shattered, oops) and ingredients for brewing, since we don’t have anything bubbling at the moment. They’ve finally moved to their new location and it’s amazing in there. It was cool to see so many people taking advantage of the brew-on-premises services because it means that more people are going to be drinking GOOD beer and not that fizzy piss-yellow shit that passes for beer in some parts.

Anyway, I was wearing my new jeans and THEY’RE TOO BIG. I’m only partially happy about that because those jeans cost an arm and a leg, but if I shrink out of them in a relatively short time, I might be able to unload them on Ebay or something and get another pair in the right size.

I’m so thrilled that things are progressing FINALLY in my weight-loss attempt. I’ve been doing everything right for so long without seeing results, so to finally have something happen is a happy HELL YEAH thing.

I told Freddie last night about my Big Goal, and I know he will do whatever he can to support me in that. If all goes to plan and nobody falls off the wagon or gets seriously injured, the Big Goal might be realized in 2013. Yikes.

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