Giving Thanks – Day 2

Today I am giving thanks for the second-best person I know: The Jillian. She makes me laugh every single day and amazes me constantly. Whether she’s busily cutting out a crown for every member of the family or doing her Sprockets-style dance moves, she is a joy to watch.

She has taught me more about patience and happiness than anyone or anything ever. She saved my life.

I was pretty lost before she arrived. I hated my job and it was taking me to dark places. When I got knocked up, I had to quit my anti-depressants cold-turkey so I spent that first month being nauseated and having the weird electrical pulse feelings of SSRI withdrawal going through my head. That was honestly as uncomfortable as my pregnancy got.

She was a great baby, a hilarious toddler, a challenging pre-schooler and has turned into quite the kindergartener. I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring until she becomes a teenager and starts to hate me. Until then, this is what my life is like:

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