Hitting the Wall

I have a lot to write about and the ideas are happening, but the sitting down and doing the writing bit is not working for me today. I feel restless, which is never good, and I can’t seem to focus on anything. I am looking for an underlying reason but can’t find one since everything is more or less shipshape/normal.

That right there might be the problem.

Mondays are usually tough. Because I don’t hit the gym on weekend days, there is a bit of an endorphin deficit in my brain, which contributes to the bleh feelings. I know this. I should get to the gym on weekend days but there is just Too Much To Do on Saturdays and Sundays that can’t get done during the week, so the gym gets pushed away.

That will change, I know, but at the moment – especially with the holidays looming – it’s hard to get the time.

I’ll feel better after I get back from the gym. Right now I’m even boring myself.

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