Oh, woe is me

I’ve said it before, but my life is pretty fucking awesome. So it stands to reason that my “problems” are tiny and small compared to some.

Today’s issue is a humblebrag. Actually, scratch that – I do brag, but I am not ever humble. It’s not in my nature and is a waste of time, actually. Today’s issue is more of a This Is A Thing That I Have Noticed.

And here it is. I have a long torso. I usually don’t mind, but it does cause some problems with shirts always being just a little too short (coupled with my long arms, it makes buying tops problematic). Because of all the working out I’ve been doing, I have a rather nice ass to show for it. Add those two things together and put low-rise pants on me, and I AM AN UNHAPPY CAMPER.

It’s my fault that I didn’t notice these particular workout pants were low-rise. I usually do pay better attention, but they were on sale! So now I’m all pissed at them because they’re comfortable except for the fact that I can’t pull them up nearly enough to not be indecent. Thank goodness for long-length t-shirts, eh?

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