I am trying to write. Not here, but in my super-secret password-protected Word document that houses what might, someday, become my novel. Maybe. If I ever get something written that I would actually show to people. That doesn’t seem likely from where I’m sitting right now.

While I am a big fan of the brainstorm/stream-of-consciousness method of just getting it out there, I have trouble actually putting that into practice. Intellectually, I know that a good story doesn’t just spring forth from one’s imagination, fully formed and ready to go. It takes work and revision and honing and polish.

And patience.

Which I have little of.

So, it’s hard. I find myself writing one section and barreling along nicely, then the brain simply decides to shift gears and write a completely different, not-yet-related section. It’s jarring! I don’t like it! I know very well that I can cut and paste and rearrange to my heart’s content, but knowing and doing are two very different things.

I’m just frustrated today, because I have SO much that I want to write and I can only type 80 words per minute. It’s like the whole thing wants to come out at once and the parts that have to wait their turn get all pissed off and go away by the time I’m finally ready for them.

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