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The new shampoo/conditioner combo I’m using is like magical magicness. My hair has been abused and tormented by me and various hairdressing professionals since I discovered the combination of peroxide and summer sun in 1985. Poor hair. I have even gone so far as to nearly shave it completely off in order to start over after a couple of memorable experiments.

I generally use whatever crappy shampoo/conditioner combo (I like my products to match) is on sale at Target or in the 99-cent bin at Wegmans. This tends to be VO5 or some basic Suave mess, and while it gets the job done, the hair does tend to suffer a bit.

Plus, I’m getting older and the hair is starting to have more of a mind of its own than it ever has. One hairdresser told me that your hair changes every 5 years – this was to explain to me why my formerly stick-straight hair was all of a sudden wavy and shit, and of course had nothing to do with moving from a relatively dry midwestern climate to the noticeably more humid coastal climate. Nope, not at all… but I digress.

ANYWAY, I was pretty happy with my VO5 “anti-split-end” pretty blue whatever the hell (yes, I have been known to choose shampoo because I like the color – marketing doesn’t work on me at all! Rather, it does, just not in the way marketing execs would like it to), but I ran out and it wasn’t in the 99-cent bin and there is NO WAY I am venturing down the shampoo aisle at Wegmans on a Sunday because that aisle is smaller than the rest of them and it also has things like deodorant in it and peoples be ANGRY at the grocery store on Sunday which is odd because you figure a lot of them came directly from church.

Maybe not so odd, then.

Anyway anyway, the endcap had some kind of new Suave thing. It’s the Suave Professionals line, and claims to be similar to Aveda products. I wouldn’t know, since I don’t think I’ve ever used an Aveda product. I’ve used fancy shit like Paul Mitchell (back in the early 90s when it was still like OMG FANCY), Bumble+Bumble, Redken, etc. So I didn’t really have any reason to buy this other than the fact that it claimed to smell like raspberries.


And… have you ever been so flabbergasted that you meant to say “Oh my God, dude” but it came out like “Umma gaw, doo!” Yeah, that. Because, see – I showered yesterday and washed my hair and stuff and I went to the gym today and got all gross and sweaty with the hair in a bandanna and all that. I couldn’t be bothered to shower when I got home (I will before I go to bed, maybe. What? Freddie’s not here and the dog smells worse than I do. Don’t judge me) but… the hair! It’s still smooth and silky and it even smells nice-ish! The shampoo is magic, I tell you! MAGIC!

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