It appears that my knee issue is one of stability, which was my thought all along. I’m a medical marvel, I am. So I went to the local sporting-goods store to get myself a knee stabilizer (fancy term for a spendy knee brace) upon the recommendation of Dr. SportsMed and as it turns out, even the size XL is too damn small for my legs.

What the fuck? Don’t gigantic football-playing dudes with legs like redwoods need knee braces? I rock the thick legs, that’s true, but if a size XL isn’t going to fit, that’s fucking disheartening and a whole bunch of bullshit. This causes me to swear even more than I normally do, dammit.

So I either need to keep looking for bigger sizes like XXL, which fuck you, or go back to the tried and tested Ace bandage wrap situation. That’s not ideal, but for fuck’s sake, it works well enough.



I am thinking that it’s a hormonal/lady-cycle issue as well, since PMS week makes everything go wonky. I feel fine three weeks out of the month, but that fourth one, damn. The knees and ankles get all pissed off for some reason. I will have to do some research and run my theory past Dr. SportsMed who is often amused by me until he goes “hm, you might be right.” My thinking is that it’s a water-retention issue, which causes bloating EVERYGODDAMNWHERE. Which, fuck you. Gah.

The best workout solution to this problem is to get in the pool, but… but… but… DON’T WANNA. I will start up with that when the new class session begins because I am not seeing any point to getting in the pool if I’m not going to be able to work out efficiently. Despite my seemingly near-constant online presence, my free time is actually quite limited at the moment, so I have to get the most from my gym time.

I wouldn’t be able to go today anyway, since my cleaning ladies are coming and I will have to be here for that. Oh well – once they leave, maybe The Jillian and I will do a couple of songs from the new Just Dance that we got for the Wii. Not quite sure if that’s advisable for the knee, but I can modify things if I need to.


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