A list

I was going to post a something about my favorite band director who died on Monday, but it’s not ready. Instead, you get A List.

Things I found in the sofa cushions:

1. Dog hair. Oddly enough, the majority of the dog hair was white – the dog is mostly black with a white belly. She is also NOT ALLOWED ON THE SOFA.

2. 1 M&M, green. This is astonishing, considering the number of M&Ms ingested by the kid. She’s very good at keeping track of her sweets, apparently.

3. 1 cough drop, mysteriously wrapper-free. No idea what’s going on there.

4. 2 drink coasters

5. Circular bamboo knitting needles, size 10 x 36″. I think these are the ones that are slightly jagged and thus need to be thrown away.

6. 1 battery-powered pink glow stick. Why I don’t have 500 of these for Phish shows, I do not know. Oh, wait – yes I do know. It’s because of drugs.

7. 1 Koosh ball. I recently bequeathed my 3 Koosh balls to Jillian.

8. 1 drumstick. Sweet fancy Moses, please let her play any instrument except drums, thank you and Amen.

8a. I would even accept the trumpet.

8b. Which is really saying something.

9. 1 toy sushi knife. I’m not sure if the kid is hiding weapons for later use or if she simply misplaced them. Either scenario is terrifying, which is why she’s not allowed to play with the actual knives. Yet.

10. 3 sets of nail clippers. I occasionally stash nail clippers in my knitting bag(s) and for some reason, they are never there when I’m looking for them. I could probably save a lot of time if I simply begin by looking in the sofa cushions.

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