As It Turns Out

In the end, I didn’t go to the hospital. I feel like the past five days of my life have all been focused on my right ear, but come on, man! What the hell? I’ve never had that happen before and it was fucking uncomfortable and weird!

But I did not go to the hospital. I had finally made the decision to go, but then I bent over to dig my shoes out of the closet and a blister atop my ear burst and drained. The antibiotics kicked in, then. Finally.

Instead, I spent my day doing what I call Whirlwind of Power. That’s when I get a little manic and clean things. I cleaned three bathrooms, washed and dried (but have not yet folded) all the laundry, and I ran the vacuum upstairs. At the same time, I wrangled my husband and child and their various neuroses (that in itself is full-time work).

My house is clean. And now I’m wondering just what I was paying my cleaning ladies for. Oh, I was more than happy to pay them to clean so I wouldn’t have to, but… I just do a much better job than they do. I hate knowing that, because it means there’s not really a point to having them. Oh well.

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