If something goes wrong…

I scheduled the MRI for my knee for tomorrow afternoon. The list of questions I had to answer just to schedule the appointment was astonishing, but I suppose they have to be extra-thorough so as not to have people exploding and stuff.

It should be interesting, as I’ve never had an MRI before. I’ve had x-rays and ultrasounds and EKGs and EEGs and a CAT scan, but never anything so fancy as this. I hope it gives the doctor something to look at so we can get some answers about why my knee hurts ALL THE TIME and then we can fix it!

The ladies at the radiology place were MILES more pleasant than the bitches at the doctor’s office. You see? NOT DIFFICULT.

So, if something goes wrong, all I ask is that I get superpowers out of the deal. Let’s cross our fingers, okay?

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