Well, that happened. I had my MRI today and the whole experience was pretty interesting. I’m not a huge fan of being sick/injured but I like interesting medical procedures.

I lay down on the table and put my leg on a little tray-like thingy. The technician put the top on so my leg was in sort of a tube, then she put headphones on me (it’s noisy), said “try not to move your leg, this takes about 20 minutes” and left the room.

Of course, as soon as she said “try not to move” my leg started going “HEY! I ITCH! I NEED TO WIGGLE! SCRATCH ME!” Using only the power of my mighty mind, I managed to lie completely still the whole time. The local Lite Rock station was playing through the headphones, and it wasn’t too bad at first – there was a James Taylor song, followed by U2, followed by that one John Waite song from the 80s (which is normally one for singing in the car), and then…

Matchbox 20.

It could have been worse, obviously, as there are myriad “lite rock” landmines out there, but Matchbox 20 is about as bad as it gets. Ugh. At least it wasn’t Nickelback.

I should get my results sometime next week and then… then we’ll see.

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