I do not like snow.

Wait, that’s not strictly true.

I like snow as an abstract concept. I know it looks pretty and creates a sense of coziness and inspires the feeling of wanting to be curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book.

However, the reality of snow is much more terrible. It’s cold, for one thing, and I do not like to be cold. It causes things to be very slide-y and that makes me fall down (or very nearly so) and I don’t like that, either.

It causes people to FORGET HOW TO DRIVE. Ugh.

Did I mention it’s cold? Well, it is. It’s very cold. Do not want.

Once in awhile, though – snow is quite nice. It’s very pretty on the trees and it muffles the everyday sounds of the neighborhood, which I like. I know this is surprising, since I just wrote a whole screed about my deafness. But there are quite a few annoying sounds that I still can hear so it’s nice to have the whole world try to match up with the inside of my head once in awhile.

The snow keeps the crazy people out of my grocery store. That’s a HUGE plus. I love the grocery store, but not so much on the weekends when you get the Insane People, the Bored People, and the Grocery Tourists. Snow helps keep those folks at home where they belong and so the store is only filled with Professionals such as myself. Quite nice.

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