Uphill swim

I swam 500 meters today. An Ironman swim is roughly 3870 meters. I have so much work to do.

I’m trying. It’s hard to get out of this mindset of “I used to be able to do this easily” and remind myself that, yeah, TWENTY GODDAMN YEARS AGO, this was easy and I did it all the time. I also ate nothing but Little Debbie snack cakes and drank nothing but Diet Coke, so.

My mind has got to catch up to where my body is.

That will happen, eventually. Once I got over the horror of how LARGE my swimsuit is (per necessity – I could rock a string bikini with no problem, but not at the Y), I relaxed in the pool and was able to get it done.

One thing I forgot is just how ravenous swimming makes me. I was starving when I finished. That’s a good thing, though. A good feeling.

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