Full of tension and fear

Oooh, fashion.

Jillian is about to start first grade. Since she utterly and completely refuses to stop growing, she needs an entirely new wardrobe for fall.

It used to be easy. We’d go to Old Navy and buy whatever the hell I liked because the kid didn’t care and neither did anyone else. Clothing for toddlers is simple.

Now… oh boy.

Dressing a six-year-old girl is tough, friends. She wants to look cute, and all the stores that cater to that demographic want her to look cute, but there is a surprisingly large area of overlap between “cute” and “streetwalker.” I’m no prude, but I am not dressing my six-year-old daughter up like mid-80’s Madonna. I’m just not.

Luckily for me, Macy’s exists. And Ralph Lauren. If dressing her like a WASP-y prep school student is what it takes to make her not look like a hooker, then sign me up for a pair of pants with little whales embroidered on them. RL for kids is some of the sweetest, cutest clothing I have ever seen. And since it’s Macy’s it’s always on sale.

Seriously, if you’ve ever paid full price for anything at Macy’s you’re doing it wrong.

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