Well, okay then

This is the third time I have attempted a blog post so far this year. One was a whine, the other was a rant, and the third one was just a blank page that stared at me for a solid hour before I decided “eh, fuck it” and closed it down.

Anyway, I am attempting to do the 100 Days Challenge. 30 minutes of activity, every single goddamned day, for 100 days. I can totally pull that off, right? RIGHT!

Except I fell at the first fence. Nobody can be expected to jump into anything except Comfy Pants on January 1st. I managed to walk the dogs once that day so that counted as a good 15 minutes. I made up for it yesterday with 45 minutes of walking up and down my stairs (hey, it’s cold out there and the gym is likely crowded with people full of good intentions). Today I went to work and spent two hours lifting and bending and whatnot, and that totally counts because I will be feeling it tomorrow. I’m doing all right, I suppose. Need to do more, of course.

The fitness goal for this year is to finish a 10K without walking. I’d like to do it pain-free as well, but we can’t be expecting miracles. I will likely do a couple of 5Ks and other distances too, but they will all involve a significant amount of walking, at least in the first few months of this year as I START FROM SCRATCH AGAIN GOD DAMMIT and rehab this foot of mine.

Which is exacerbated by the cold. That sucks my balls so completely, I cannot even begin to tell you. But when it’s cold, the break site is all “HELLO!” And the exact same area on my left foot occasionally twinges as well, just for shits and giggles.

So there’s that. Plus the knees and the occasional shinsplints. OH! And now my left hip decided it wants to occasionally be painfulicious. Fucking hell, man. Stupid body. It’s like a carnival of discomfort up in here. The best I can do is GO SLOW (no problem there), ice and heat and ice and heat and Ibuprofen, and keep doing my physical therapy moves and core work. And, I somehow have to be okay with improving in the tiniest increments imaginable. Fuck.

But this is my reality now, so I don’t have much choice, do I?

Could be worse!

The other goals are a little more esoteric. I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of disappearing in plain sight, which is making life pretty interesting.

I plan to round out the year with more knitting, more designing, and more overall creativity. We’ll see what happens.

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