Further Adventures of the Medical Marvel

I am a well-documented medical marvel. I have been written about in at least two official medical journal thingies. I have been studied, y’all. Because I don’t just get “sick,” I get bronchitis. I don’t just have chronic post-nasal drip (with no drug history to justify it), I have the most deviated septum my doctor has ever seen. I’m not just allergic to dust, I am REALLY allergic to dust. Which is produced by the pound in my house.

I am not, amazingly enough, allergic to anything else. Just dust. My symptoms are even quite manageable, in that I tend to suffer from dry sinus cavities and post-nasal drip. Apparently those things don’t usually go together, but… MEDICAL MARVEL.

Maybe I’m a superhero.

Anyway, I haven’t been able to hit up the store to pick up my Rx refills. It’s been three days since I’ve taken my mega-high-powered antihistamines and… friends, I ITCH. My whole body itches from head to toe and it’s driving me insane. Even the space between my toes itches. I’ll be picking up those refills today, for sure. This is nuts.

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