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So far, 2014 has been very, very good to us. A lot of things we’ve been working toward for YEARS have finally come to fruition, and we are very pleased with the results.

What that means is that I am MUCH closer to my kitchen renovation dream than I was a month ago. Which means it’s time to get ideas and start figuring out a ballpark budget so I can decide if what I want is going to fit in with reality.

First off, I’d like to change the layout of my kitchen. I do not like where things are situated. I want the refrigerator on the opposite corner and I’d like to move the sink to an island, if that’s possible. It might be. That would free up a shitload of cabinet space, for sure. Most of that is going to be me working with a builder, going “well, I want this HERE and that THERE and these OVER HERE, can I even do that?” Not quite ready to take that step, but the ideas are definitely percolating.

The major issue I’m bumping up against at the moment is style. Mainly, I don’t have any. Our house is a pretty reasonable reflection of who we are, because it’s colorful, messy, and covered in dog hair. The kitchen is the only part of the main room we didn’t drastically alter, and it’s obvious to me that it doesn’t belong.

I find myself drawn to the slick European lines, all steel and pale granite but I don’t think I’d like to live with that. It would be easy to clean, that’s for sure. The more “traditional” style cabinets we have now have a bunch of molding and design and they just gather dust and funk and are a pain in my ass to clean. They’re also the shittiest, cheapest bullshit available, and I hate them for that reason alone.

Also, black granite? I honestly think the previous owners of our house were high as kites when they designed this kitchen. Dark wood and dark countertops in a room with one small window? There is a reason why we called it “the cave” and my frustration with it is 99% of the reason why we knocked out that wall and made it one giant room with 15 windows. LET THERE BE LIGHT!

I have to start hanging out at the bookstore and leafing through the magazines, apparently.

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