YE GODS, The thing still works (or, my Sunday to-do list)

‚ÄčI love lists. I feel like there is so much chaos in my brain, if I don’t write it down in list form, I will lose/forget things. I have notepads and pens stashed all over the house.

Yesterday capped a very eventful week – the kid was off school a couple of days, both of our cars decided to shit themselves on the same day, and the weather was not super-great. Instead of being an actual adult and getting some shit done, I decided to hibernate on the couch with knitting and Gilmore Girls.

I feel better now, so it is time for a list, with commentary. Hey, it’s Sunday morning – how much entertainment do you really need?

1. H’ween lights down [If we don’t take them down now, they will stay up forever. We have lights up on the railing of our balcony (inside) that we put up for Hanukkah. Two years ago. They’re still there. So… outside lights need to come down.]

2. Backyard [general backyard maintenance. Pick up dog tows and what appears to be half a bag of mini-Starburst and Skittles that someone must have thrown over the fence. Why, people?]

3. Giant Closet of Mystery [exactly what it sounds like. Is the under-stairs catch-all for the house and it needs to be organized a bit.]

4. Finish work on bathroom [we tore out the gross ugly medicine cabinet, fixed the trim on the inside and outside of the door, and painted the walls a terrific shade of Tiffany blue. Have to touchups/cleanups, paint the trim and the door, find a new mirror, and price out a new sink. Then it will be pretty until I decide I hate the tile on the floor and tear it out.]

5. Laundry [self-explanatory.]

6. Sweep/mop [the bane of my existence. Main Dog is a German Shepherd/Husky/Border Collie mix, which is really just code for HAIR MACHINE. Emergency Backup Dog is a Pit/Lab mix and thus has very little hair to shed. Auxiliary Cat LOOKS like he weighs about 20 pounds, but he is really just a skinny thing underneath a giant ball of ginger hair. SO MUCH HAIR IN MY LIFE.]

7. Apple situation [our CSA has been totally insane with the apples this year. We have SO MANY. And I can eat quite a few, and turn some into pies and apple crips and whatever, but there are still So. Many. Apples. Today will be a slice & dice session with vacuum sealing. I would make applesauce or apple butter with them, but nobody here will eat that. Slice & dice!]

8. Costco [gotta have TP and coffee, man.]

9. Ceiling Fans [see item 6. The ceiling fans need to be shaved, basically.]

10. Linen closet [now that we’ve moved the audio/visual components to a completely different closet, I have more room for towels and sheets and junk. And, since we have 86’d the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, some of that stuff will have to live in the linen closet now. Which means I need to come up with some kind of storage situation.]

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