Our Boy Wonder has improved a lot in the couple of days he’s been home. The first night, he got in bed and just didn’t move again for nearly 12 hours. He’s normally a very active sleeper, with the flopping around and the occasional screaming, so for him to be so still was a bit concerning. I kept waking up and putting my hands in front of his mouth to make sure he was breathing.

He needed that sleep, though, and got up Tuesday morning and looked miles better than he had before. We spent most of the day talking and making lists of which doctors we need to see and other things that need to get done.

We have acquired a Google Home thingus, so it’s a lot easier to remember stuff now. We can yell at the house robot to remember it for us, instead of putting it in our phones or writing it on the kitchen whiteboard. Yay, technology! Having all the appointments in one place will make it a lot easier for us to schedule everything without overlapping things too much.

He’s still having double vision, so he’s supposed to wear his cool eye patch and switch eyes throughout the day. We don’t do this quite on the correct schedule because SOMEONE gets GRUMPY about it, but we’re seeing the neuro-ophthalmologist next Wednesday to get some answers about what’s up with that and a treatment timeline, because we really would like him to be able to see the correct number of things. He can’t drive until he’s cleared by a doctor, so guess who gets to chauffeur him around? This girl, right here!

I think it’s payback from the beginning of our relationship when I didn’t have my license and he had to drive everywhere. Hilariously, he will have to take a drivers’ ed course and pass a test before the doctors will clear him to drive. He SAYS that when he feels ready, he’ll just… start driving but GOSH it’s awfully hard to drive when you don’t have KEYS because your SUPER AWESOME WIFE HID THEM FROM YOU.

So stay tuned for THAT, because I’m sure he’ll accept all my decisions with total calm.

His balance is pretty good and he walks pretty well, but because his peripheral vision isn’t working on one side, I am not about to let him walk around by himself just yet. What if he trips on the sidewalk or misses a step and falls and lands on his face? We just got that put back together! So we take our constitutionals around the block and for now, that’s enough. Homeboy gets tired.

And that is the theme of our days – he wants to Do All The Things but his body is telling him “slow down, dummy!” I had originally planned for this week to be a total week of rest but, as most of you know, he’s not made that way so he’s Doing All The Things (That I Will Allow Him To Do) and he’s getting tired. And when he gets tired, he gets a little frustrated because he’s not back 100% right out of the gate.


We did get his glasses fixed, which has improved his life a lot. I’m only a little mad that the glasses I fought to have made are basically useless, but maybe we can get the correct lenses slapped into those frames later on as a backup pair. He does appreciate the amount of yelling I had to do to get them made, but they just aren’t as useful as they could be. So we got his original glasses put back together and that will be fine until we see the Eye Guy next week and figure out our next steps there.

He does have limits, though. He took a couple of work calls and had a journey to the eyeglasses place and then we went for a short walk to deliver our ballots to the drop box and he was just wiped out. I also made him cook half of the dinner because I was on a Zoom call, so he had to follow a recipe and his brain just got really sleepy from all that exercise. But the soup he made came out perfectly so those functions are all intact.

I have no doubts that he will be back 100%, it will just take time. If you didn’t know him before all of this, you’d never know anything had happened, aside from the dents in his face and the sweet eye patch he has to wear. He will be fine, but I keep telling him that it’s going to take time and he’s going to have to be patient and stop pushing so hard RIGHT NOW. The time for that will come, but for right now he needs to take his foot off the gas a little and coast for a bit.

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