Wear A Helmet

Seriously, if you’re out on a bike, put your helmet on. Because Freddie was wearing his helmet, he had surgery to repair his face, not his whole entire head.

I was a bit late getting up to the hospital today because I was trying to obtain a copy of Freddie’s eyeglasses prescription. I’d called yesterday to the place where he got his glasses done and they assured me that they could pull a copy and hand it to me. So I rolled up there bang on 10AM and the receptionist was SO FUCKING RUDE to me. She wouldn’t allow me to finish a sentence, so I was unable to fully express what it was I needed. She interrupted me and was just absolutely awful so hey, Pearle Vision – good luck getting any more of my money. And have you SEEN the glasses my family requires?

Customer service is really not extraordinarily difficult. I excel at it and I HATE MOST PEOPLE. But if I’m in a service position, you’d never know it because I am a professional and I treat customers and clients the way they should be treated. So I’m doubly pissed off that she was so awful to me today.

ANYWAY, that’s a problem to solve on Monday. I was able to put Freddie’s current glasses back together fairly well and I was looking forward to him being v. pleased at my repair job.

NOT THE CASE. By the time I got up to the hospital, he hadn’t eaten for nearly 18 hours (can’t eat before surgery) and he was SO GRUMPY AND MEAN. He’s not mean to ME, because he knows better, but he was grumpy as hell toward the nurses today, which is very unlike him. That’s uncool, even if it’s understandable so I had to give him The Look a couple of times.

Finally, they took him down to the Covid isolation floor to have a Covid test and once that came back negative, they took him directly to the pre-op area and started getting him ready for that event. He left his room around 3:30 and was back in it all bandaged up and groggy by 7:30. The doctor called me and said it went well, everything looks good, and he should heal up quickly, because it was a truly fortunate break. It’s not like things disintegrated, you know? The pieces were all there and in the right place. I’ll find out more about exactly how they did it, but for now, he’s resting and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

If, for some awful reason he is not released tomorrow, watch the 6 o’clock news because he’s going to cause a scene. I don’t blame him, but at the same time, he needs to get over it and find a way to accept that THIS is what he’s doing right now. I have a feeling we’re going to be revisiting this theme a LOT in the next couple of weeks.

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