Kitchen Thoughts

My painters just finished in my kitchen. It went from an olive-y green color that looked fab in photos but like baby shit in person to a cheerful peachy orange coral color. It’s reminiscent of the kitchen in our old townhouse, which was the first house we owned and were able to paint whatever color we wanted. I like it.

Whoever decided that black countertops were a good idea should be dragged out into the street and beaten with a cricket bat.

I have 8 kinds of vinegar. Oh wait, make that 9, but I mainly use white vinegar for cleaning. This is perfectly normal, and in fact there are at least 5 kinds of vinegar I considered while in the store today that I don’t have and probably need. Prosecco vinegar? What for? Who cares? I think I’m gonna go get some.

I do not like the electric cooktop. “Oh, you just have to get used to it” they say. NO I FUCKING DO NOT. I don’t LIKE it. I don’t WANT it. I can’t figure out WHY IT IS HERE. There is gas service to the house! Why not run it to the kitchen and get me a gas cooktop so I can cook like the pyromaniac savage I am? I even went so far as to set the oven on fire last week!

That was an accident, actually. But the smoke alarms sure do work!

Guess how often I buy bananas and then guess how often those bananas become muffins or a loaf of banana bread. If you guessed ALL THE TIME, then you are correct! Ideally, those bananas would be used for post-workout smoothies but I’m usually headed someplace that isn’t home directly after the gym and by the time I finally do get home, I don’t want one. I gotta figure that out.

This kitchen is relatively teeny. We visited Freddie’s brother over the weekend and I popped a huge kitchen boner at the sight of what they have in their house. They have the square footage for it, which I do not, but ooooh mama that is a kitchen to die for. My kitchen is JUST FINE and it gets the job done. I hate it 87% less than the kitchen in my previous house, which… if you’ve never heard me rant about that one, you’re missing out because I HAVE THOUGHTS about it.

Uh oh, did I set the oven on fire again? Wait, no, it’s fine. Probably.

This kitchen is compact and *slightly* storage-challenged but I like the layout of it a lot better and it’s overall a more efficient setup. We’re still going to tear it out and re-do the whole thing (and put in a GAS STOVE) in the next couple of years but I like it okay for now.

Seriously, black countertops are the worst. There is under-cabinet lighting in here but it’s all starting to shit itself so it will need to be replaced by a licensed electrician because I am not allowing Cap’n Handlebars to attempt amateur electrician action in my 1925-built house. NOSIREE. My husband is adept at many things but THERE ARE LIMITS.

I hate to say it, but I might need a smaller coffeemaker. Mine is kind of a behemoth and it performs admirably each and every day and is basically a part of the family now but it’s pretty large and if I could get the same performance from a smaller machine (not one of those Keurig abominations because I AM NOT A PEASANT), I may have to replace it because it takes up rather a lot of real estate. I imagine this is how people with more than one child feel. “Sorry, Bob – you’re just too big. We’re going to replace you with Jeff, who does all the same stuff but is a bit smaller.”

Poor Bob.

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