The current real estate market blows

And it sucks, too.  We desperately need to get out of our townhouse and into a bigger house, preferably with a yard!  And maybe a garage!  And maybe a basement!  Unfortunately, we live in New Jersey, and I have tried but my husband refuses to live anywhere else.  Believe me, I have tried.  It would be SO NICE to move closer to family, since we really don’t have any here.  I would love for Jillian to grow up around her cousins and all the rest of my enormous gigantic family, but… here we are and here we shall stay.

Our realtor sent us the comparisons for townhomes in our area and it’s depressing.  Not only are there approximately seventeen billion townhouses on the market here, but they have BEEN on the market for ever and ever and ever and EVER.

When we bought this place three years ago, it was on the market for about 6 and a half hours (yes, HOURS) before we put our offer in.  It was THAT crazy!  Now, well… there’s a townhouse exactly like ours for sale that has been on the market for 116 days.  Dayum.

We are going to spend the next little while seeing if it would even be possible for us to buy a bigger house.  We’ll have to do some math and see what a mortgage payment would look like for the kind of house we’d like to get into.  I could look into going back to work, but what I would bring home versus what daycare would cost might mean that it’s just not worth it.  We’ll have to see what happens.

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