My first big failure as a parent

Later, I will write more about our triathlon weekend (including going 20 minutes in the wrong direction TWICE on the way there), but first I wanted to mention my first great big failure as a parent.

For the spectators, triathlons are also all-day events and one needs to plan accordingly. I did – I had a diaper bag full of stuff along with the whole bottom compartment of the stroller stuffed full. I also sported SPF 45 baby sunblock.

It was not enough. After we got home yesterday I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I had gotted a bit more sun than I had anticipated. I looked at Jillian and saw that she had, too. Her poor little arms are all pink and warm!

She doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort, but I certainly am. I slathered that stuff on her early in the morning and again when it became apparent she wasn’t going to be happy staying in the lovely shady stroller.


At least it’s just her arms. She did wear her hat for most of the day so her wee cutie face is only sun-kissed and not burned. We will be spending the next week or so with about an inch and a half of moisturizer on.

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