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I have to go grocery shopping. My pantry is kind of full, though. How is it that I have a cupboard full of food but nothing to eat? The food theme this week is going to be Things That Do Not Need Much Cooking, even though I have a serious urge to make gratin dauphinois from the Les Halles cookbook. Not a summer food, I fear.

Instead of bitching about the crappy produce at the Stop & Shop and bitching about the crazy prices at Whole Foods, I am going to go to one or six of our local farm markets. I got shut out of the CSA thing this year because I am a master procrastinator and put off signing up until it was too late. Oh well – next year.

So I’m either going to drag my cute little family around with me or I’ll go myself but one way or another, GOOD tomatoes will be bought. I love tomatoes. Blueberries are also coming in, so I am going to try to get creative and come up with stuff to do with them that isn’t my Famous Blueberry Crumble or smoothies. I foresee pie, methinks. Also blueberry compote over french vanilla ice cream… drool.

Can I get all the protein I need if I become a pescetarian? I don’t see that happening in a complete or long-term way, but I am tired of meat and chicken and I was wondering if fish is a complete protein or if I’d have to supplement. I wish I could like tofu, but I just can’t. It has to be really really well-camouflaged for me to eat it, which is unfortunate. Guess I’ll have to do some research and stuff.

In garden news, my flowers are blooming again and still, so hooray for me! Perhaps my thumb isn’t as brown as I had feared. My tomato plant has an actual tomato on it, which is super-amazing! I cannot WAIT until I have a YARD in which I can DIG and plant stuff for REAL. I feel like I’m faking it with my container garden, and if I get one or two tomatoes off of my plants, I’ll be as amazed as you. Same for my bell peppers.

My geraniums are suffering a bit, but I looked at them this morning and it seems like they’re just between bloom cycles. I’ll keep coddling them and see if they don’t perk up a bit.

In kid news, Jillian has learned to get up on the step from the living room to the dining room. My wee daredevil is also trying to go DOWN, but so far, it’s too scary. She needs to learn that she can go backwards and then that will help me a lot. She has also started pulling up to her feet, which is scary as hell for me. We’re going to have to assess the sharp corners in the house and start covering some of them so Jillian’s frequent crashes won’t damage her chances of getting into Columbia.

In house news, we’ve decided August 1st is going to be a good target date for putting the house up for sale. Between now and then we have an Ironman triathlon and Jillian’s birthday, so I have no idea when the place is going to be cleaned and de-cluttered, but I’m sure Freddie will have A LOT OF FREE TIME after we get back from Lake Placid so you can bet I’ll but putting his skinny ass to work.


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3 Responses to Other fun things

  1. Randy Davis

    Does your husband read your blog regularly?

  2. rachel

    Regularly? No, I don’t think so. But he knows I write about him and is welcome to read anything I post here, so I’m curious as to why one would ask that question.

  3. Randy Davis

    Just curious really. Some wives would prefer that their husbands not read / know their innermost thoughts about them. I think your honesty comes through in your postings, both good and bad. Maybe it is good that you can vent your frustrations online. Rick can read it and know when to avoid you!

    Anyway, it looks like your relationship is good and strong, and your online journal only serves to bolster it, not damage it. Bravo