Smarter than I am

Jillian does not like “normal” sippy cups. She chews on the tops of them and then looks at me like “What the hell is this?”

On the recommendation of one of the other mommies in our group, I got us some Nuby sippies, which have a straw-thingy. This seems to work out much better, even though I only put water in the cups and Jillian does not like the non-taste of water.

However, the cups have been leaking a bit because I am too stupid to figure out how to put them together again after washing.

I figured it out today, fully five weeks after I first started giving them to Jillian. I am so incredibly smart, it almost hurts.

You’d think that baby stuff would be LESS complicated than it tends to be, what with the Mommy Brain and extreeeeeme sleep deprivation and straight-up tiredness that we all experience. The sleep thing is improving, the Mommy Brain has morphed into my natural stupidness, so my only excuse is the straight-up tired.

Which I so totally am. Jillian is crawling super-fast, and she’s got these really long arms (like me) so she can reach things that look to be out of her reach. She’s a gibbon! I spend my days catching her and turning her around so she can crawl toward something safe. I don’t have time to be figuring out the damn sippy cup!

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