Oh. My. God.

We are going to live in our townhouse FOREVER. There is another townhouse on our street that is exactly the same as ours (except they don’t have a fireplace and we do) that was put on the market in January. The listing has been allowed to expire, but I’m not 100% sure what that exactly means. Whatever it means, that house didn’t sell and it was priced pretty reasonably.

The kitchen in that one is nicer than ours, which seems to be a big selling point these days. I know that when I look at a house if the kitchen is crappy, I’m less inclined to like the rest of the house.

One of the biggest issues is that the houses that we’re looking at as buyers are starting to come down in price. We could easily put a down payment on a new house without having to wait for the money from the sale of this one, but there is no way we can carry two mortgages even for a short while so we actually HAVE to sell this house before we can even seriously look for a new one. Bleh.

I still think we’re going to go ahead with The Great De-Cluttering of 2007 and get a storage locker and stuff. If we proceed as if we’re going to sell the place, perhaps we will get lucky? If nothing else, it will force us to live with less, which we will have to do anyway if we’re going to stay here much longer. We grew out of this house two weeks after we moved into it.

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