Back to square one!

Poop. Our Realtor called yesterday to tell us that the sellers of the house we were going to make an offer on have already accepted another offer. We can still put our offer in since they haven’t gone to contract just yet, but…

I’m disappointed, but this happened to us last time we bought a house and it worked out for the best. Last time, we walked through a townhouse that had pretty much the sexiest kitchen I have ever seen, anywhere. It had an Aga range, first off, and I think I would live in someone’s garage if there were an Aga in there.

We even put our offer in but someone came in behind us and paid CASH for it. Fuckers.

About a week later, we found the house where we’re living now, and we’ve been happy here… so I’m thinking that this most recent house simply is Not Our House. It just wasn’t meant to be.

Of course, none of the other houses we saw on Saturday are Our House, either. Those were scary as all get-out.

So we’re back to square one. Back to perusing the listings, trying to see if something is worth looking at based on the description. Today, I’m doing a drive-by of at least five houses that were in our “Meh, maybe” pile. I’m hoping that maybe they just didn’t come across on paper as well as the other ones.

Fingers crossed!


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2 Responses to Back to square one!

  1. laura

    someone paid CASH for a HOUSE? unbelieveable.

  2. How could someone pay cash for a house????