Out of whack

Man, it can’t be That Time again already, can it? Didn’t I just deal with all of that a couple of weeks ago?

I really hope it’s my recent lack of sleep and not an early period that is causing me to feel all nutso-like. I’m really feeling odd, where things that I might ordinarily chuckle at are making me laugh until I get tears in my eyes. Similarly, things that normally might elicit an “aw, too bad” from me are making me all sad and near-weepy. Good thing the Olympics are still a year away – that’s a recipe for a weepy me, for sure. I cried through the entirety of the 2006 Olympics because of pregnancy hormones. Good times.

Maybe I’m ovulating. I slept long enough last night to have a dream in which I found out I was having twins. If that’s not a nightmare, I don’t know what is.

It would help if SOMEONE would actually TAKE A NAP instead of hanging out in her crib, singing. I need her to nap so I can do something completely non-baby-related for half an hour and it’s hard to do that when I can hear her in the baby monitor, babbling up a storm. Can’t wait until it becomes actual words.

Maybe it’s a Friday thing. My brain seems pretty organized on Mondays, and I tend to get a lot of stuff done coming out of a weekend when I can hand the baby off to Daddy and go do other things. By the time Friday rolls around, though, I think I’m getting close to my limits. The brain simply does not work well on Fridays. I guess I’ll just use it as another excuse to drink!

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  1. Have one for me, kay? Someday… after I pop these babies out, we can both enjoy one on a Friday afternoon.