Redefining my limits

I watch a LOT of bad TV, I have to admit. But I’m usually doing something constructive at the same time (knitting, sudoku, clipping my toenails), and that balances out the universe.

Also, I have no real problem with the bad TV I choose to watch. It’s the bad TV that I do not choose that gives me hives.

And I have limits. Freddie tried to make us watch the “Cavemen” show last night but it was so putrid, even HE couldn’t watch it. And this man thinks Christopher Titus is funny.

I have limits, you see. I can’t watch REALLY bad TV. It makes my IQ go down, and kids – if my IQ goes any lower, I’m going to be male.

I have limits with regard to bad movies, too. I generally steer clear of movies involving CGI-talking babies and/or animals but Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties is on my TV right now and Jillian is mesmerized by it. She loves cats, and every time she sees one in a book or on TV, she goes insane. Imagine what she does when she sees our actual cat!

Thus, G:ATTK is befouling my TV. If it keeps Jillian from attempting to vault over the back of the sofa, so be it. I’m trying to ignore it.

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