Getting it done, sort of

I have a list as long as my leg of things that need to get done around the house.

I also have to work on my business plan for the Super Secret Project that is currently causing my hair to fall out. You’d think this would be fairly easy, but there are approximately sixteen hundred things that need to happen simultaneously, and I need to personally do about 98% of them.

Instead, I have FINALLY finished knitting the hood to Jillian’s hoodie. Now I just need to sew the pieces together. Good thing I made it in 24-month size because she’ll be at least that old before I manage to get that part done.

I am doing laundry today as well. Yesterday, I even IRONED. This is how hardcore I am with the procrastinating. I thought long and hard about washing all the windows in the house because that hasn’t been done since we moved in and is sorely needed. They need to be done outside as well, but it’s cold out. And I’m going to make Freddie do that instead.

Changing back to standard time always messes me up for a little while. As disconcerting as it is to have the sun come up at 8AM before the clocks change, I think it’s worse to have the sun GO DOWN at 4:45PM. That’s just insanity. I feel like I have to turn the lights on at 2PM, and I can just hear the electric meter whizzing happily. Sigh. I HATE WINTER.

Yes, I’m totally blaming my lack of focus on the weather. I’m allowed! Once I get used to it, I’ll get my groove back but for the next week or so I’m going to be utterly useless.

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