It never fails

I made a huge mistake today. Instead of going out to do errands early in the morning (say, 9AM which is after Sesame Street but well before the pre-lunch meltdown), I waited until almost 11 to get us going for the day.

This meant that Jillian fell asleep in the car. Sigh.

We got back around 1PM, which is late for lunchtime, but as long as we’re busy we do okay when we have to wait that long. Normally, right after lunch, Jillian runs over to the baby gate that keeps the rest of the house safe from her and announces “Di-po! Nigh-nigh!”

[For those of you who do not speak Toddler, it means “I shit myself and I’m sleepy!”]

Today was no different. Jillian ate some of her lunch, rubbed the rest of it in her hair (it was only bread today, not like the ravioli she styled her hair with yesterday), and headed over to the baby gate.

I changed her and stuck her in the crib, where she proceeded to spend the next ninety minutes talking to all her buddies: OX the Uglydoll, Frank The Dog, MonkeyMan, and Blankie Bunny. I decided to let her do this until 3, which is when she usually wakes up from naptime.

So 3 o’clock rolls around and I realize I haven’t heard a peep out of her for at least the last ten minutes. I tiptoed into her room to see what was up and sure enough, she is fast asleep. I have to wake her by 4 at the latest or she won’t go to bed until 9 tonight and that just makes Mama crazy!

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  1. Paula

    I hate when our days end up like that. Ella is the same way though, if she gets a 10-15 minute nap in the car, it totally screws up the whole nap thing.