Uh oh

Y’all, I am in trouble.

So, the other day I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and lost my mind a little bit. It’s a good thing I escaped when I did or we’d be in some kind of serious debt.

I was all jacked up and ready to start sewing yesterday when I realized that I needed interfacing for my project and I didn’t have enough. Rather than make the trek back down to the closest Jo-Ann store, I decided to check out a quilting store that is nearby.

BAD idea. BAD. They also carry yarn, so EXTRA BAD!

Anyhoo, Jillian and I went out there and I got what I needed without looking around toooooo much. Unfortunately, the creative wheels are whirring again and I’m wondering how I’m going to combat my latest crafty urge.

My grandmother used to quilt. By hand, mostly, and I wish I would have asked her about it. Maybe I can get organized and revive that tradition and then pass it down to The Jillian. The poor child is already destined to be a musician, so I might as well throw some yarn and fabric and thread at her, too.

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