Today is my 8th anniversary of being married to What’s-His-Name. If I had the opportunity to do it again, I would still marry him but it would be a much different affair than our actual wedding. Anyone who is even remotely familiar with the circumstances under which we got married would understand completely.

Despite the best efforts of a select few, we are still together, still happy, and getting better every day. The insane amount of bullshit that we have had to wade through has cemented our relationship in a way that will be difficult to break. And I feel good about that.

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  1. Krissa

    Hey, uh, Happy Anniversary. I actually clicked over here from Tomato Nation trying to email you for a copy of your new bible – but the fact that you also have Yarn Harlot on your blog roll has made me *heart* you. 🙂
    I feel compelled to recommend thepioneerwoman.com – lotsa stuff. Funny. Ranch wife. Wee!