Everyone’s favorite: A list of random crap!

1. If you’re getting here via Tomato Nation comments, I apologize for making you read this drivel. I have one more book to offer – just drop me a comment and we’ll hash it out.

2. Nice job, USA track & field relay teams. Dropping the baton is a great way to go.

3. Ms. Prufrock called me cool (or awesome or something else nice, I forget what it was exactly) the other day so now I feel obligated to post and post brilliantly more often. This one’s for you, Pru!

4. I have approximately four Very Important Projects to work on, so naturally I’ve been spending far too much time on Facebook. I can’t help myself – between the stalking opportunities and Pieces of Flair, it’s a perfect place for someone like myself who… ooh, shiny!

5. The Jillian is starting to speak English with a lot more fluency these days. I can’t keep up with her sometimes. Girlfriend can even count to ten! I don’t know if she knows what it means, exactly, but it sounds good.

6. She’s ‘reading’ Snow White right now. I’m a little bit grossed out by Snow White and her desire to be saved by a handsome prince and all of that. So when I read it to her, I can’t help but interject my own commentary which is usually along the lines of “… because Snow White is a NINNY.” Snow White needs to get herself a clue and take care of her ownself. And for fuck’s sake – who doesn’t learn the rule about taking candy (or apples) from strangers? Does she have no Stranger Danger instinct at all? I think Snow White is a bit touched in the head, to be quite honest.

7. If it’s not obvious, can I just tell you all how much I am dreading Jillian’s absorption into the Disney Machine? I don’t mind the old-skool Mickey Mouse stuff so much, but the Disney Princesses make me want to hurt myself. But I will gladly put up with any amount of Princess crap as long as it keeps those Bratz dolls out of my house. Those things are truly scary.

8. So, I’m a little bit ashamed to admit this but I just read “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks. It suuuuuuuuuuuuucked. The movie was about 12 times better, and I don’t think I have ever said that about any movie made from a book. Mr. Sparks cannot write for shit, yet he is a bestselling author. Just goes to show that we live in a culture that doesn’t give a fuck about what it’s consuming (see also Cheez Doodles, McDonald’s, MTV). My mom’s dog can write better dialogue than Sparks can.

9. I probably had a real reason to post today but I’ll be damned if I can remember what it was.

10. Because ten is a nice place to end this.


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4 Responses to Everyone’s favorite: A list of random crap!

  1. I trust you can keep up this standard of posting, or else I shall revoke my pimpin’ shout out. Do you hear me? PIMP REVOKE. It’s that easy.

    As far as the Disney thing, thankfully it’s much less pervasive over here. When we were in the States I got so annoyed at people always asking P if she liked ::insert Disney character here:: I had to keep telling them that she watches very little TV, and what small amount she does watch ain’t that shit.

  2. Jen

    Hi Rachel,

    I read your comment on Tomato Nation and the book you mentioned sounds really interesting. As someone who is just about in the same boat as everyone else, it’s nice to hear about a tool that worked for you. So if you haven’t yet given away the book, I’d be thrilled to have a copy. Thanks!

  3. Teresa

    I too just read your comment on tomato nation and I would love to read about portion control. I’m basically in the same boat as “get” and I’m making the change right now (I’m going for a walk as soon as I finish typing this). Thanks for reading this and I wish you all the best!

  4. Yay you! Finally a person who also thinks Sparks royally sucks! I read the book some years ago and barely got through the heap of crap that it is and would never ever have considered watching the movie, except now you’re saying it didn’t suck as much, so I may just still…

    My kids don’t watch any TV (they don’t understand Italian anyway and everything is dubbed – that’s a whole different subject and, oooh I sense a rant a’comin’!) so the only stuff they watch is what I get them on DVD. Right now we’re in the middle of a Winnie the Pooh craze. I can live with that. 🙂

    Good post.